LACL 2012

Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics

List of accepted papers and demonstrations


  • Nicholas Asher, The non cooperative basis of implicatures.

  • Thomas Graf, Movement-Generalized Minimalist Grammars.

  • Yuri Ishishita and Daisuke Bekki, Toward the formulation of presupposition by Illative Combinatory Logic.

  • Boris Karlov,  Abstract Automata and a Normal Form for Categorial Dependency Grammars.

  • Gregory M. Kobele, Importing Montagovian Dynamics into Minimalism.

  • Gregory M. Kobele and Jens Michaelis, CoTAGs and ACGs.

  • Yusuke Kubota and Robert Levine, Gapping as like-category coordination.

  • Stepan Kuznetsov, L-completeness of the Lambek Calculus with the Reversal Operation.

  • Zhe Lin, Distributive Full Nonassociative Lambek Calculus with S4-modalities is Context-free.

  • Zhaohui Luo, Common Nouns as Types.

  • Hiroko Ozaki and Daisuke Bekki, Extractability as the Deduction Theorem in Subdirectional Combinatory Logic.

  • Andrew Plummer and Carl Pollard, Agnostic Possible Worlds Semantics.

  • Kurt Ranalter, Abstract machines for argumentation.

  • Alexey Sorokin, On the Completeness of Lambek Calculus with Respect to Cofinite Language Models.

  • Tao Xue and Zhaohui Luo, Dot-types and Their Implementation.

System Demonstrations

  • Denys Duchier, Yannick Parmentier and Simon Petitjean, Metagrammars As Logic Programs.

  • Annie Foret and Sébastien Ferré, On Categorial Grammars and Logical Information Systems : using CAMELIS with linguistic data.

  • Glyn Morrill, CatLog: A Categorial Parser/Theorem-Prover.

  • Richard Moot, Categorial grammars and wide-coverage semantics with Grail.

  • Noémie-Fleur Sandillon-Rezer, Ygg, parsing French text using AB grammars.

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